Super-Buster rank

19.99 USD

Unlock Buster rank all around Block-Busters Network by purchasing me!

What you get:

  • [SUPER-BUSTER] prefix.
  • Ability to have up to 40 friends. 
    • Jump to their position or allow them to jump to your position.
    • List your friend, show their online status, on which server they are and see when they were online the last time.
    • Have a private chat with them.
    • View and change your settings.
    • Many more...!
  • Ability to join a party or own a party.
    • Play minigames together!
    • Chat with your party.
    • Many more...!
  • Ability to vote for 3 survival game maps.
  • Ability to vote for the time (day, night) of the survival games.
  • Enable/Disable chat option.
  • Ability to set up to 9 homes.
  • Add speed in the lobby!
  • Jump in the lobby!
  • Double-jump in the lobby!
  • Stacker in the lobby!
  • Ability to use nicknames.
  • Ability to use colored nicknames.
  • Ability to trade via signs.
  • Ability to use colors in chat.
  • Ability to use colors on signs.
  • Ability to sell whatever item you are holding with command: /sell hand.
  • Ability to sell all your inventory items using the command: /sell inventory.
  • Get 5000 in game coins.